By Harvey Tobkes

The sun was shining brightly here in Florida on a warm 84 degrees day, and cold spells are now just a memory from a time in my life when we lived in New York, so early this morning Anita and I decided to go out together to enjoy the day. We had taken an invigorating beach walk, but before returning home we sat on a bench for a while just to relax, enjoy the sights and sounds and view the tranquil beach and ocean scenery, enjoy a Chocolate Frostee treat, watch little kids chase after the pigeons. It is all very calming to the nerves.

We walked back to the car and on the ride home, we listened to a CD of Julie London singing old standards, and I said to Anita, “You know I would love to be at a piano bar in Manhattan, drinking my 3rd Martini and listening to Julie sing. I imagined myself with one hand on your knee and the other on my glass, in a smoke filled room (of course nobody smokes anymore). Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

And Anita said, “While you are dreaming, wish that we were in our 30’s and still young!”

That was a good idea , but the closest I could get to her wish was to sing “That’s Life,” and try to sound like Frank Sinatra, I was doing a great imitation, but only to my ears, Anita was covering hers and told me to keep my day job.

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