By Harvey Tobkes

Should we spend more quality time with our families or give our all at the workplace?

The sweet memories of your children growing up are unforgettable…school plays, ball games, fishing, camping, and all the rest. I can hardly remember any of that, can you?

Fathers want good things for themselves, for their wives and their children. A man wants to feel loved; he buys luxuries that give happiness to the family members, while he gains pleasure and self-respect. Parenthetically, let’s note that nowdays, women are runners in the rat-race and are equals of men.

But, but, but…to succeed at work, you must compete and excel. After all, the other guys want what you want.

So, do you give the job everything you’ve got? Trying to strike a balance is more difficult than walking across a high wire. If you’re not going at a 110% pace at work, then somebody else is, and he will pass you. It’s all a matter of money, money, money!

The trouble is the workaholic looks back after 20 years and all he sees is a blank screen. Where are his kids, his wife? He may remember his faithful dog or the Porsche or the boat, but the rest is fuzzy at best.

So, how do you play the game? You do the best you can to live with a clear conscience and that’s all you can do. Regrets are painful, but what do you regret; not being a good provider or not being a good father, and sadly there are some men that fall into both categories.


I probably could have done better, I don’t have the answer, but I would like another chance to start all over. I would like to say…Maybe next time, but you only come around once.

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