—————use Valentine————-

Oh my sweet Anita! My everyday Valentine. I am sad with the thought an iPad is my rival for your love.
I think…Is there’s no justice from above?
And I ask myself…”Is this what I want for a wife?”
Truth is, I love you to pieces and more than willing to put up with the strife.

You get hostile when your Netflix movie keeps stopping & starting,
But nothing you say or do, can ever lead to us parting.
“No, no, my sweet,” I am not to blame when you hit a snag,
“Not on any day, & especially on Valentine’s Day.”
“Harv, fix this thing, and I’ll see,” you say,
While looking at me with some dismay.

“O.K. it’s fixed now! Are you still angry?,” I ask, “Is there no software in you?
Don’t you remember the good times?
Let our memories of a long and happy marriage see us through.”

Because Hubby Harv, loves you.

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