1. Movie Theater Popcorn
Why on earth would consumers even consider paying a whopping $6 for a single medium-sized bag of popcorn in the movie theater? No one knows exactly why – but for some bizarre reason, movie-goers continue to drain their wallets to crunch on a bag full of those greasy little nuggets during their favorite film.

2. Greeting Cards
Since when does a folded up piece of paper cost $4.99 or more? Since someone slaps a picture on the front of the card that relates to the pathetic written message on the inside of the fold and then stamps the back of it with a Hallmark logo.

3. College Textbooks
As if college kids (and their parents) aren’t financially drained enough, there’s yet another inflated price they face: college textbooks. College students pay an average of $900 a year on textbooks and other supplies. Unfortunately, broke college students are required to purchase these costly books for their classes. Some try to sell their books back to local book store at the end of the semester – for a few measly bucks.

4. Bottled Water
You’ve probably heard that “Evian” is simply “naïve” spelled backwards. OK, so the well-known company probably did not choose their name for that reason – but many people believe that consumers who buy bottled water are certainly naïve.

5. Ink for your Printer
You may be able to buy a surprisingly affordable printer at your local office supply store, but don’t start celebrating just yet. The printer companies make their biggest bucks on ink. Over the life of your printer, you’ll probably pay more than 500% of the total price of the printer itself on ink refill cartridges.

6. Brand-Name Fashions
How much did you pay for those True Religion jeans, that Burberry scarf and those towering Louboutin stilettos? Probably a small fortune. But it was worth every penny, right? Not so much. When it comes to designer clothes, it’s pretty obvious that you are paying for the label.


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