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Just a note from Harvey:

I was reading the Wall Street Journal this afternoon and came across a medical article about a guy who needed a serious operation. His doctor said the fee was $4200, so he went home, found the website and got it done somewhere for $1300. That’s what inspired this article.

By Harvey Tobkes

Now available on the web…Cut-rate health care . No kidding! What’s next? Is the medical profession adopting the tactics of used car dealers? I think so!

Soon you may be seeing ads by physicans touting…Buy an appendectomy and get one free — Trade-in your old Clunker Heart get a newer model transplant NOW — 40% off on Mad Mondays — Mail-in-Rebates — Friendly financing— We will beat all advertised prices. You probably think this is a joke. Just click on the link below and judge for yourself.

Search for a colonoscopy with or without a biopsy (it’s your choice). Check out how much for removing a brain tumor, gall bladder, hemorrhoids and cosmetic surgery pricing takes up 3 pages.…whatever.

* Patient must sign malpractice waiver and undertake all risks involved. Hahaha…just kidding!

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