By Harvey Tobkes

People who can appreciate what they have now, and are self-motivated to achieve even more in the unknown future, are fortunate. And then there is the realization that life is about solving problems, and there will always be problems. So, do not hope for Utopia. Hope to solve your problems and appreciate all that you have. Today, spend a few moments imagining what it would be like if you had no family, no friends, no possessions, no education, no money at all. Then imagine yourself obtaining what you presently have, one item at a time! After that exercise, are you happy with what you have now? Perhaps you are not.

But let me ask you this: what is it that makes people strive for progression, forward movement, and never be totally happy in one stable state? Sometimes, I find myself falling into this category, and I wonder, if this is good or bad. Is this trait somewhat instinctive?

What do you think?

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