By Harvey Tobkes

A successful marriage depends heavily on sexual attraction and satisfaction. All else can be fantastic, but if sexual compatibility is lacking, a huge problem develops.

In addition to that, it is important to be on the same wavelength on many other issues…ethics, honesty, intellect, humor, hygiene, social skills and religion, just to name a few.

If a couple are of different faiths, I am not saying a marriage cannot be successful, I am saying that tolerance, and a very low level of commitment to the religion they were given by their parents, would then be essential. Imagine an observant Jew married to a devout Catholic.

Somebody should write a book on the subject, but I have a short answer to the question of whom to marry and what qualities to seek in a wife.

Find a girl who is rich, smart and beautiful, a nymphomaniac with a 38 D bust, who cooks and cleans like a demon; she has no parents, and does not enjoy shopping, she adores only you, she loves saving money and hates using a credit card.

I guarantee…. you will live happily ever after.

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