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Three old Jewish guys were sitting on a bench. Abe says to Irv, “How’s by you the health?” Irv says “By me is not good, when I try to take a leak, I stand, and I squeeze, and I push, and I run the water in the sink. Nothing happens. Then Irv turns to Max and asks “So Maxie what’s with your health?

Max says “By me could be a whole lot better the bowels. I take mineral oil, ex-lax, stool softener, nothing helps, I’m “fashtupped.” Then they both turn to Abe who started the conversation, and asked, “So tell us Abe, you’re asking everybody, but you’re not telling about yourself.

Abe, proudly says, “By me it’s perfect! At 8:30 I take a leak. It’s like from a fire hose. At 9:00 0’clock a have a bowel movement , like from a horse……. And at 9:30 I get out of bed.”

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