By Harvey Tobkes

I am sad to tell you that after 67 years of marriage, Anita and I have found that we are thermostatically incompatible.


I tried to solve the problem amicably, so I called the Honeywell Company and asked to speak to one of their chief engineers. I asked him if they manufactured a His and Hers thermostat because my wife, Anita, is always hot, dying of the heat. Me? I’m always freezing. I was surprised to hear him say, Oh, we hear a lot of those complaints and we are working on the problem, but it’s a bit tricky, so we have nothing to offer you right now.


In the early years of marriage we worked out some difficult dilemmas — how many times we visit her mother was a biggie. I won, but she got over it. How many times a week for boom boom,..I lost that one, but I got over it.
Cold carYou would laugh if you came to visit us and found me in a woolen shirt and a fleece lined parka, and those are my pajamas.

Anita didn’t even like that wonderful movie with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis titled, “Some Like It Hot.”

For me it was a movie classic because…you guessed it…I DO LIKE IT HOT!

Big glacier

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