By Harvey Tobkes

Anita and I went for a walk at the beach this afternoon, but before returning home we sat on a bench for a while just to relax, as it is very calming to the nerves simply to view the ocean, sky, seagulls, children at play and toddlers trying to catch uncatchable strutting pigeons…all happening in front of you like one giant kaleidoscope.

When we got back to the car, we listened to Julie London singing old standards on Pandora/Car Play. And I said to Anita, “You know I would love to be at a piano bar back in New York drinking my third martini, while listening to Julie’s lusty voice, with your head resting on my shoulder, while sipping my drink, in a smoke filled room; wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could turn back the clock?” Anita said, “While you are dreaming, wish that we were in our 30’s and still young!”


Nowadays, the best I can do is sing the September Song and try to sound like Frank Sinatra, but everyone else in listening range just covers their ears.

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