Jews and agnostics are 20 percent more sexually active than Catholics and Protestants.

The study that produced this statistic also found that Baptists have slightly more sex than the national average, while “Presbyterians and Lutherans are slightly below average.”

“There’s more shame and guilt with the Christian religions,” says Herbenick, who is also the author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction. “The Jewish religion tends to be more permissive about sexuality.” Another study found that over twice as many observant married Jewish women reported having sex three to six times per week as married women in general.

Ellen Labinsky et al. (2009): Observant Married Jewish Women and Sexual Life: An Empirical Study. Conversations 5, 37-59 —

Harv’s Comment: I find the research and statistics to be way off base and a lot of baloney. I am thinking about all the Jewish wives who inspired the above cartoon and use the classic turn-off…”Not tonight dear, I have a headache!” So, how could there be all that activity?

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