By Harvey Tobkes


There are two forces in this world that will always triumph over all else. No world leader, no army, nobody and nothing can win if they go against these two unassailable powers.

Any doctrine, or would be conqueror, tyrant, demagogue or dictator that opposes these two unconquerables, will go down in defeat. Witness what has happened in modern times. Fascism, Communism are both gone. Hitler and Stalin are both gone. What was their nemesis? What two things are absolutely unbeatable?

Religion and Public Opinion, alone or together, they cannot be subdued or overthrown. And the greater the number of acolytes and adherents, the stronger they become. Sometimes though, two opposing forces of equal number can compete with each other.

Arab-womanThe peoples of Islam make up one of the most numerous religious groups. One of every five human beings is a Muslim (20% of the world). There is almost no country on earth without some followers of Islam, and in such countries as Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, the population is almost totally Muslim. Keep in mind the growth rate of Muslims is very high, so no matter if we like it or not, they will continue to grow and be a powerful force, if only because of their numbers.

As for Christianity – sources say that 1 out of 3 people are of the Christian religion around the globe.

Beware the power of faith in an idea, a cause or a religion, it can be an instrument of political mobilization that can transform itself into into a worldwide Tsunami.

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