Making resolutions demonstrates optimism, the desire to make oneself better, a faith, (both naive and beautiful). Our declarations can truly become actions, that saying means doing.…Maybe!

Rodin - Thinking Man


Oh, the glorious day of making a resolution, and the good feeling we get from the belief that starting tomorrow I will be the pilot of my own existence, that I will stop being the plaything of external circumstances, that I will govern myself. I am better than I seem to be; and Im going to prove it to the world…Maybe!

Believing that you can change your behavior, even by an iota, is essential for holding yourself in esteem. We are often cynical about how resolutions are never kept, but we should not be. Resolutions are perhaps lies, but they are lies of good faith, necessary illusions. As long as we can make them, we are saved…we can control the chaos of destiny; it doesn’t matter that we break them and that others view us with skepticism.

Every resolution is good simply because it is declared. It is a comedy, perhaps, but it keeps us sane. And there’s no “maybe” about it!

Excerpt from: Another Last Chance to Change Your Life by Pascal Bruckner – for the New York Times

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