My Comment On My Own Article


The article beneath this, “Shame on Us! A Miserly $12,000 for a Soldier’s Family,” was very close to my heart. I served in the army in 1950 and the insurance death benefit back then was $10,000. Fifty-five years later, it is $12,000. Is that not a travesty? I am hoping a vocal group of people will get behind the effort to raise the limit to $100,000 plus. If the U.S.Budget cannot afford that, then we should not be at war in Iraq, a country that does not threaten our homeland.

We should not be trying to shove democracy down the throats of Muslims or anyone else. They are not ready to accept the change in government, and they well may never be ready, as their holy beliefs run so deep that they probably would be more comfortable with a religious leader rather than a secular one.

In Cuba, 90 miles from our shores, Castro has reigned for over 50 years. Why?

With all the embargoes and restrictions, we used to try to cajole this small Island Nation to change, paraphrasing the French proverb, “the more we try to change things, the more they stay the same.’ If we could not convert Cuba to becoming a democratic society, how can we hope to convert deeply religious Muslims who perpetuate themselves by educating their children to uphold the faith, in devout and pious Islamic schools called Madrassas, where the children learn mainly to memorize the Koran and hate infidels.

That’s us!

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