A successful business man became fed up with the city life. He had plenty of money and a pretty expensive house he could sell to get the dollars needed to finally do what he has always wanted. He wanted to leave civilization and buy a little known, hidden island located near the Tahiti island group and live the rest of his life on his own personal island.

He sold all his possessions and happily bought his island. He settled in to enjoy his quiet life. He laid around on the beach, spent some time exploring the island searching for shells or driftwood, or fishing or surfboarding or whatever.

One day, he was laying on the beach when he saw this bird flying towards his island. As it approached, he realized it was a pedgion. Knowing it was a land bird and shouldn’t be this far out to sea. He watched the bird fly over his island. When it got overhead, he saw something drop from the pedgion. He ran over and found a little rolled up scroll. He unrolled it and he read “we have been trying to contact you regarding your extended auto warranty.”–

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