SikhHarvey, I do not think it prejudiced to have a gut feeling about people who do not conform to one’s own personal ethical system. Rather, it is a matter of tolerance, if that tolerance does not promote outright acceptance of that behavior. One example in the news here are the Sikhs who wish to wear their Turbans and serve as uniformed police/transit officers. What of the Military? One does not need to “bend” the rules for minorities, but try when possible for a reasonable accommodation, and sometimes that is not possible. I would not call that being prejudiced! Shall we allow Muslims to have multiple wives? What of the Mormons? Why is it unreasonable to have Societal Rules?

Follow the rules or change them, and if you cannot, then shut up and let the rest of us live in peace!

By Gregory Tobkes. All this is emphasized by the recent terrorism in London and the 9-11 attack in this country, so I could not agree more with Greg, especially with the the last paragraph.

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