Writing For A Web Site

Rules we apply in writing for this web site are good common sense and highly ethical. As a no, no, plagiarism is at the top of the list, and posting an article that you did not originate and then trying to pass it off as your own, is a capital offense.

But as to some of the other 9 commandments, if they had to be obeyed, and there was an enforcement agency to insure that, then it would surely drive 90% of Bloggers out of business. As proof, I offer that almost all Bloggers are forever searching for odd, or prurient, or weird news to scoop the competition to captivate readers and pique their interests. Reuters News Service “Odd News” is a prime source for bottom feeders.

And if you dare not write about politics, Iraq, Iran, race and religion, homosexuality, abortion and other controversial issues because they are too sensitive, what’s left but inane garbage? Offering a dish of humor on a daily diet can become boring and cause loss of appetite.

On tech web sites, Bloggers deal in facts and mostly incontrovertible information and the interchange is with people who are on the same level playing field. So, in the world of technology, facts and hard rules are the name of the game, but in the more mundane world well, people enjoy entertainment, levity and an occasional look at the world around them.

And that’s what we are trying to give them!

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