The Royals Are Here


Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, are visiting our country. Do you care?
This is the 21st century, and I feel the monarchy is outdated and just a costly reverie for the the people, and like all dreams it is unreal. It takes a lot of money to support a King and his Court; it is a huge drain on the British treasury and the poor Brits pay for this charade by the government’s levy of high taxes.

To me, Camilla is not a Duchess but the “Queen of Frumpy.” Everyone wonders, how did Prince Charles’ roving eye, rove from lovely and attractive Princess Diana to drab Camilla. I heard this just today…Do you know why they came over? Why are they here? Rumor has it…and it’s only a rumor that says… she came to to get a little help from the Nip/Tuck guys.

All I can think of is that if she ever wrote a book revealing her bag of tricks, it would be a best seller with women worldwide. She must be a Wolverine in the bedroom.

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