Miracle Herb — Damiana

Pill“There’s a lot of different uses for it,” Jessica Shepherd, an herbalist at Humboldt Herbals, said. The store usually sees people buying Damiana to use as an aphrodisiac, but it’s also been used as an antidepressant, a digestive aid and a treatment for respiratory problems. “In the herbal world it’s mainly used as an aphrodisiac.” Herbalist Kate Maxiy said she would recommend the herb to “somebody who’s a high strung person and has problems being present sexually with their partner.”“It can be [an herb] to have fun with,” Shepherd said.

Risks from taking Damiana, depend on the amount of the herb taken. She said with such a stimulant possible risks could include hallucinations, irritation of the urethra and potential liver damage. Maxiy said Damiana is listed as an herb that lowers blood sugar, so people with low blood sugar, such as diabetics and hypoglycemics, should not use Damiana. Maxiy said for some people Damiana has instant effects as an aphrodisiac, but for some the herb is a kidney tonic that works better if taken daily over a few weeks.

“Supposedly it can give you a little euphoria,” Shepherd said.

Mayan people
Damiana was one of the most important medicinal herbs to the Mayans, who called the plant mis kok, “asthma broom,” according to Rätsch. In Mexico a liquor is made from the leaves of the Damiana plant and sold in a bottle in the shape of a pregnant woman and is modeled after the Incan Goddess of Fertility.

MY COMMENT: I’m disappointed; Damiana has all those powers to overcome a person’s health problems from A to Z except C…constipation.

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