The French Are’nt So Bad!

French flagAmerica might still be a colony of England, if not for the help they gave during Revolutionary War. Without Lafayette and Jean Lafitte , or the brave 18th century French soldiers of Quebec, their Algonquin allies and the generosity of the French Rothschilds, who financed Gen. Washington’s armies.

Eiffel towerJust because president Chirac and the majority of French people do not agree with the unjust war of President Bush, (who is becoming more unpopular every day in his own country), shall they be condemned? Remember many French spies helped our D-Day troops storm the shores of Normandy and plow through the Ardennes. Were we justified in picking up where the French left off in Viet Nam?

We sympathize with the nation of France because right now they are struggling to control their domestic problems with their resident populations of Arabs and West Africans.

To their credit…the French were the first to purchase Israeli oranges and other crops to aid Israel’s economy? And it was the French that sold their Mirage fighter jets to Israel?

New York’s Harbor would be an empty place without the Statue of Liberty.

And last of all, French food, c’est magnifique!

Viva la France!

My sincere thanks to (my nephew) Warren J. Klein, Las Vegas, Nevada for writing this aticle.

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