Crystal Ball Reading – 2008

By Harvey Tobkes

Can anyone explain the election process in the United States? We have 2 parties, Republicans and Democrats. Lately, it seems that the Democrats install candidates that can’t win and then they cry, “foul” when they lose. What a system!

I predict that the Republican Party will be so vulnerable in 2008 that even a democrat monkey could win that election.

Monkey - thumbs up

But what will the democrats do…you guessed it, they will probably nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton, which, of course, will result in defeat and cries of “foul,” blaming chauvinism, or Bill Clinton backlash or voting machine error or Murphy’s Law. They may even recycle Al Gore based on the successful movie An Inconvenient Truth. The only truth is…he can’t win either.

So, rejoice Republicans, not to worry, your man (or woman) whoever it may be, will be marching to “Hail To The Chief”…and who do you thank…The Democratic party, of course.

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