If only someday, one of our leaders would have the balls to get in front of the American people and say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong!” That man would go right into our history books as a great and courageous leader.

Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon blew the opportunity. Bush and Rumsfeld are steadfast in every decision they have made, and while they may have been half right or half wrong, nevertheless, mistakes were made. But ego and politics negate any admission of error, and when that happens…protecting one’s resolute and unwavering position leads to subterfuge and double-speak.

But the public and the media are not dumb; we know what we suspect, but we are loyalists so we hang in there until a clear and focused picture emerges, but by then we waited too long.

Alarm clockOn the other hand, it is still possible that the president is 100% right. Bush keeps saying the only way to defend our citizens where we live, is to go after the terrorists where they live. Is he right?

I feel he is, but time will tell.

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