Killing Roaches In The Dark

By Harvey Tobkes

Israeli forces went into Lebanon (on the ground) to end the rocket attacks, but they do not want a full scale engagement as the casualties would be too high and even worse it risks getting bogged down in a long and deadly conflict. They are trying to solve the problem with air power, but there is little evidence airstrikes are going to be able to do the job because the Hezbollah have the advantage of mobility…they can launch and run; be far away from the original firing point before the shells land in Israel.

Faced with these guerilla tactics, Israel’s response has been retaliatory air bombing of strategic targets, unfortunately, innocent Lebanese are being killed because they live or work in a target area.

What a dilemma for Israel, and the options are not very good. Israel must eliminate Hezbollah, but It’s like trying to kill roaches in the dark. Stomp down to kill one and a thousand scoot away. Where do you strike to be effective? What secret weapons can you employ to help you in your fight?

The only solution to the problem will be the “misery index.” The higher it rises the more public opinion on both sides will demand a cessation through a peace agreement, and that might be too long in coming, before many innocent lives are taken.

And in future years (as in all wars) we will all ask the question, “Why?

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