O.J. Simpson’s forthcoming book, If I Did It, could launch a profitable new series for publisher Judith Regan and her parent company, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Let me suggest that she follow up with another snuff book, maybe If I Shot My Wife in the Head by Robert Blake, and then diversify into non-capital crimes with If I Molested All Those Kids by Michael Jackson.

The book reportedly gives a detailed, gory, ostensibly fictional account of the murders he says he didn’t commit. Of course, many people thought the evidence showed that Simpson was guilty as hell. But Johnnie Cochran isn’t around anymore, so maybe Regan and Fox will be showered with the opprobrium they deserve for letting the Juice do this booty-shaking end zone dance on the graves of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

This abomination goes beyond exploitation of a brutal crime for financial gain. This is pathological. Only a narcissist of the first order would be compelled to revisit the scene of the crime and walk us through the butchery.

Memo to the Juice: Please go away. And take Regan with you.

The saddest aspect of this travesty is that Regan knows the book will sell and Fox knows the Simpson ”interview” will score huge ratings. They have studied our weaknesses and calculated that sensation always trumps honor.

Attention Viewers:

Flash News Alert!!! Fox just announced they will not publish the book because it violates the principles of decency. Instead they are offering a newly discovered revelation written by Adolf Hitler titled, “If I killed 6 Million Jews.”

Excerpt from an article in the Miami Herald by columnist Eugene Robinson. To read in full go to…0/2006 | O.J., please go away

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