“Fahrenhype 9/11” …And Now “SICKO”

Written by Eric Stephen Tobkes

If Moore was so concerned about our health care system, then he would have made his Sicko movie during the Clinton Years when “Hillary Care” was rearing its ugly head. I’ll bet you that Hillary Care is mentioned in this movie in a positive light.

How anyone can go and see any of his movies is beyond me. He has been exposed as a fraud and a liar, cutting together clips of film to make people appear to say what he wants to hear. Forget about frat boys suing Sacha Baron Cohen over Borat, everyone who appears in a Michael Moore “film” who has had their interview cut and twisted to make them appear to take his point of view, when in fact they said something completely different, should be suing Michael Moore.

It is really funny how Moore’s ilk blast the government for “the Walter Reed scandal”, but then want government controlled health care for everyone.

They want to convict people like Scott Peterson for TWO counts of murder, one for Lacy and one for her unborn child, but are all for abortion.

Liberals really don’t know what they want.

By the way, who is it that ranked our health system 39th in the world? The U.N.? Michael Moore? The W.H.O.?

If you get a chance, rent “Fahrenhype 9/11” and see all the people that Moore “interviewed” telling exactly what they said to Moore when he filmed Fahrenheit 9/11 and how Moore distorted everything they said to fit what he wanted to portray. Very interesting.

Michael Moore is nothing but an extreme left wing, liberal, propaganda machine.

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