By Kitty Bu for Reuters

The world’s tallest man married a woman two-thirds his size and almost half his age on Thursday in a traditional Mongolian ceremony sponsored by at least 15 companies hoping to cash in on his fame. Bao Xishun, 56, a 2.36-metre (7-ft, 9-inch) herdsman from China’s vast Inner Mongolia region, was carried to his wedding on the back of a mobile yurt pulled by camels at the Genghis Khan holiday resort on the grasslands near Erdos city.

Hundreds of people, some travelling for hours, turned up to see Bao wed saleswoman Xia Shujuan, a mere 1.68 metres (5 ft 6 inches) tall and just 29 years old.

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The Guinness World Records says Bao was of normal height until 16 but then put on a spurt that doctors were unable to explain, reaching his full height in seven years. He put out marriage advertisements around the world, but ended up wedding somebody from his home town, Chifeng.

Bao and his wife were legally married in March, but wanted to also have an authentic Mongolian ceremony.

One firm made a 2.9-metre long (9-ft, ) blanket of camel hair just for the marriage.

Excerpt from a Reuters article. To read in full: World’s tallest man marries, sweeps bride off feet | Lifestyle | Reuters

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