BODIES — The Exhibition Is Back

Bodies exhibition

By Harvey Tobkes

The Bodies Exhibit is back; it opened in Fort Lauderdale November 1st and will run till February 17th, 2008.. I highly recommend this unique show to anyone. The bodies on display are actual cadavers that were unclaimed and unidentified; some people were appalled, but it had no effect on the hundreds of thousands all over the country who paid $20 to see the exhibit.

Below is a rerun of an article we posted back in April :

My daughter Julie, my wife Anita, and I, went to an exhibition in South Miami called, BODIES..

We thought we were prepared for viewing this remarkable display of human bodies preserved by a special process, which allowed us to view all, the body systems…skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary and integumentary. To be honest, it exceeded all our expectations.

We learned that our bodies are indeed more complex and wondrous than all the computers and gadgetry that the world has ever seen. We had hand held audio devices that explained what we were viewing, but only a person that has been through medical school could fully appreciate and understand all that we saw.

After our 3-hour tour of the exhibit, I summed it all up in my mind. Seldom do we think about or realize what lies below the skin – how our bodies function, what they need to survive, what destroys them, what revives them. When an illness is severe and our mortality comes into question, we may take the time to stop and ponder our existence. But as soon as we are relieved or cured, we are again oblivious and not thinking about the extraordinary, complicated and vulnerable human beings that we are.

I will take what I learned today and try to expand on it, and use it to become more informed in my own health care. Diet and exercise are the two basics; I will try to apply them even more diligently in my daily living.

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