The title of this article should be, “Why I Can’t vote For Rudy Giuliani.”


The excerpt below from a Miami-Herald article, presents some strong allegations against Bernard Kerik who was like a brother to Giuliani. Not the least of the accusations against Kerik is tax-evasion, and receiving gifts and money from a Mafia connected company. It makes you wonder how is it possible that Rudy didn’t know what was going on:

Bernard Kerik and Giuliani were friends for years; Kerik rose from Giuliani’s driver during his 1993 mayoal campaign to head of the city’s corrections department and Commissioner of Police. He later joined Giuliani’s firm, Giuliani Partners, and headed an affiliated security consulting company, Giuliani-Kerik.

Controversy surfaced when President Bush nominated Kerik as Homeland Security chief in 2004. Kerik abruptly withdrew his name because of tax issues involving his former nanny. News reports also had surfaced about stock-option windfalls, connections with people suspected of dealing with the mob and extramarital affairs.

Kerik pleaded guilty last year to state charges of accepting $165,000 in renovations to his Bronx apartment from a construction company, allegedly connected to the Mafia and trying to secure city contracts.

Democrats argue that Giuliani’s tough-on-crime image is at odds with his longtime relationship with Kerik. “Voters are going to question Rudy Giuliani’s judgment given that he shepherded Kerik’s career while he knew there was an ethical cloud over his head,” said Democratic National Committee spokesman Dag Vega.

Critics question Giuliani’s loyalty to Kerik and other friends; Giuliani has kept his childhood friend, former Monsignor Alan Placa, on the payroll of his consulting company; Placa was barred from the ministry after being accused of sexual abuse himself and of helping cover up abuse by other priests.

Giuliani recommended Kerik for the Bush Cabinet.

Source: Analysis: Kerik could tarnish Giuliani – 11/08/2007 – MiamiHerald.com

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