Obituary: A Sad Day For Me

Amy Turner Tunick on her birthday and In her Memory, may she Rest in Peace.

January 13th, 1959 – May 13th, 2006,

Amy Turner Tunick

I did not personally know Amy Turner Tunick, but I felt I did. For many years I read her inspirational column in our local newspaper, and then about 30 months ago she told her readers she was stricken with pancreatic cancer, but in spite of the dread disease, she wrote uplifting articles on how to deal with a life threatening illness.

If you scroll down to the article below this, you can read one of her columns written during one of the times she had to be hospitalized.


Amy Turner Tunick, of Hollywood, an actress-turned writer who chronicled her two-year battle against pancreatic cancer in a weekly column in The South Florida Sun-Times, succumbed to the disease Saturday, only two weeks after exhorting readers to ”never give in or give up.” She was 47.

Called The Feel Good Column, Tunick’s weekly dispatch seldom dwelt on the details of her life-and-death struggle with a disease that is almost always fatal. Instead, Tunick encouraged her readers to concentrate on the light, playful aspects of life.

”Cry, scream, feel sorry for yourself — but not for long,” she wrote in her last column two weeks ago. “Basically, this is all about hope. Never lose it.”

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