This is a short excerpt from an article BY DAVE BARRY for The Miami Herald

On Tuesday, millions of Florida voters will head for the polls. Being Floridians, many of them will become confused and drive into buildings, canals, cemeteries, other Floridians, etc. But some will actually make it to the polls, where they will cast ballots that will play a crucial role in the presidential election. Or, in the case of Democrats, not.


It turns out that the 2008 Florida Democratic primary doesn’t count. Florida will be sending the same number of delegates to the 2008 Democratic convention as Uzbekistan. This may seem unfair, but there’s a simple, logical explanation: The whole primary system is insane. Consider the process so far:

After Michigan came the Nevada caucuses, in which Hillary Clinton got more votes but Barack Obama got more delegates. (If you don’t understand how that could happen, then you have never been to a casino.)

This is why, no matter who wins in November, I am optimistic about the future of the nation. (I’m referring to Uzbekistan.)

To read Dave Barry’s full article go to: Dave Barry: Miss Kumquat gets our vote – 01/27/2008 – MiamiHerald.com

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