By Harvey Tobkes

The events in the quote below happened in a different era, way back in the 1930’s and 40’s, but… I am only asking the question: What if it became known a presidential candidate was a member of Father Coughlin’s church for a period of 20 years?

Charles Edward Coughlin (October 25, 1891 – October 27, 1979) was a Canadian-born Roman Catholic priest at Royal Oak, Michigan’s National Shrine of the Little Flower Church.

After the 1936 election, Father Coughlin increasingly expressed sympathy for the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini, as an antidote to Bolshevism. His CBS radio broadcasts became suffused with themes regarded as overtly antisemitic. He blamed the Depression on an “international conspiracy of Jewish bankers”, and also claimed that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution. On 27 November 1938, he said “There can be no doubt that the Russian Revolution … was launched and fomented by distinctively Jewish influence.”

Source of quote: Charles Coughlin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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