By Harvey Tobkes

Presuming that John McCain and Barack Obama will be the nominees for president, whom will you vote for?


In my heart, I like Obama but in my head I have doubts. I do not feel a man of his intelligence would do anything he thought might bring disgrace to himself, his race, or America. However, there is that nagging doubt, which stems from his affiliation with his pastor, “uncle,” the mad radical, hate-inciting, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

However, on the positive side, we must take into account Barack’s charisma, which possibly can be a uniting force that will get this country back on a fast track. If he selects Richardson as his running mate he may gain Latino votes…right now Hispanics are anti-Obama.

McCain is a good man but he has a short fuse and is easy to anger; he may be a thorn in the side of both Republican and Democrat legislators. As a speaker, he is, to put it kindly, not articulate and far from inspiring, closer to boring, and just a little better than Bush. I would hope and like to think he may be more effective than what we perceive him to be, and his maverick personality may yet prove to be innovative and a refreshing change, but somehow I doubt all that.


In McCain’s case, it might be a similar situation to Harry Truman’s; after all, historians have said that sometimes the office of the presidency makes the man.

So, let’s wait, watch and listen.

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