The Rabbi Says: #4 in our series

Accept responsibility for yourself. As the Sages say: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”


Perhaps some haunting thoughts are continually recurring in your mind. Do you want happiness, the good life, greatness, to become disciplined, to live in reality? It racks your brains. Don’t give up. If you truly believe in something, you will get it done.

It is completely up to you. Resolve to be in control of your life. I can do it. I believe in myself. I’m going to get it done. No one can get into your brain and live for you. No one will “make you” great. Nobody can stop you and nobody can help you. That is your sole, independent responsibility.

The key to living is deciding to put what you know into practice. Either you are going to muddle through life, or you are going to take control and live according to ideals that make sense.

Make that decision right now. For if not now, when?

Author: Rabbi Noah Weinberg
Item from Aish

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