Happy Father’s Day

By Harvey Tobkes

“Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.”

Grandpa and baby

That anonymous quotation, just sent a little zinger to my brain. My father died when I was 32 years old. We shared our love, but like most men, we never really verbalized it. My dad was never one to reveal his inner feelings, in fact, he used humor as a cover- up, and he was a 100% people person, loved by all, but really known by few.

Loosen up you guys…let down that macho wall and just say it…”I love you son” or “I love you dad.” I guarantee you will feel great, and your own self-esteem will soar to new heights.

I once read…”You can’t leave love in your Will, you have to give it while you’re living.” Amen to that!

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