Incredibly, the people of Sichuan, China, who were victims of the recent terrible eathquake, still maintain a humorous spirit.

Sichuan people are known to have a keen sense of humor and to know how to enjoy life. They even crack jokes about their earthquake experiences. Following are selective translations of some of their jokes:

  • A friend told me that he was riding his bicycle at the moment [of the earthquake] at the city’s central square, and saw Chairman Mao [statue] waving to him… He was so shocked he fell off his bike, and then realized it was an earthquake.
  • ___________________________________________________

  • An old man in Beichuan, dragged out by a Russian rescue team. The first thing he said was “This is one hell of an earthquake, it shook me all the way to a foreign country!”
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  • Four old ladies were in the middle of playing a game of Mah Jongg, and noticed the table was shaking badly. They did not say anything, went to find some cardboard, put it underneath the table and continued their game.
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    My comment: As to that last one, “The Game Must Go On!”…so, that would probably be the same reaction my wife’s Mah Jongg group would have if there were a tidal wave, an earthquake and category 5 hurricane, all at the same time.

    Source: China Times

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