On Sept. 3rd I wrote:

Either McCain’s team did not vet Palin thoroughly, or McCain showed bad judgment by selecting Palin. What is obvious, is McCain by choosing Sarah Palin, made a demeaning bid to capture Hillary’s disgruntled and disappointed following of women loyal to women. But that’s politics!


I WAS DEAD WRONG! She electrified the delegates at last night’s convention and gave the Republicans something to cheer about. She was charming, endearing, and sarcastic and used her oratory skills to unify the hearts and minds of Republicans and probably a few Hillary democrats as well. She proved that she’s a rising star, and a big-time player, even though she’s from a small town in Alaska.


I heard this from a Fox news political analyst, “What’s the difference between Palin and a pit bull?… “Palin wears lipstick!

I guarantee, she’s going to be a pain in the “Alaska” to the democrats!

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