By Namom Ragen

Some say she is a red-neck. Well, who would you rather have as your President, a graduate of an ivy league college who might have gotten in because of his ties to Saudis* and anti-Semites .. or a small town girl who got ahead, who got elected and re-elected because she made life better for the people who elected her?

I applaud the speech she made at the Republican convention. This is a girl after my own heart. She a person with courage, ready to buck the leftist elitist press and their candidate, Barack Obama…a do-nothing, big talker with a questionable past full of ties to anti-Israel and anti-white bigots. And before you send me nasty e-mails, read the article about Obama. Then read Sarah Palin’s speech, which was just great. What part of her speech do you disagree with?

Source: Excerpt from an Internet article by Naomi Ragen.
Ref.* Obama\'s ties to Saudi billionaire

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