What on earth is wrong with the brains of our esteemed Senators? What perversity of mind gives them the idea that after the people of America successfully demanded lawmakers reject the $700 billion bailout, we would suddenly embrace what is essentially the same damned bill with huge load of pork added to it?

If we hated the original bailout plan, why would we like the same plan with ridiculous pork added to it? To be given a clear message of the public’s displeasure in the form of the bill’s defeat in the House and respond to it this way is insulting. It’s a slap in the face of every voter.

The Senate was supposed to start over again and provide some sort of bill which would be more acceptable than the original bailout proposal, not one which combined all the flaws of the original with the addition of exactly the kind of earmarks which have made the public increasingly dissatisfied with the corruption of our legislative process.

Source: BC Politics

My Comment:

Please check the article below for examples of how we were forced to allow $100 billion in useless, senseless, money wasting giveaways in order to induce our lawmakers to pass this bill. Some would even call it rape.

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