The program’s success was due in large part to an advertising campaign that appeared in national publications. Every major comic book had a Charles Atlas advertisement on the back cover. The ads usually featured a skinny guy (accompanied by a female companion) being threatened by a bully. The puny guy goes home and sends off for the Atlas course and in a short time goes back and knocks out the bully. The most famous scenario was the soon to be hero getting sand kicked in his face at the beach and later becoming a new man admired for his new found rugged physique. “I came up with that from a true life experience. A big guy kicked sand in my face at Jones Beach in New York when I was 14.
I later sold a majority interest in 1983 but I’m still raking in about $14 million a year in royalties,” Atlas Shrugged. “Not bad for a guy that’s supposed to be dead.” He also collects a cool $5 annually from Rand McNally who uses his name “Atlas,” on its’ popular road map guides that are distributed around the globe.

One of Atlas’ trademarks was his snug fitting, alright, downright ball hugging, leopard-skin swim trunks. “The trunks gave me that animal magnetism, “Atlas said. “To be honest I only wear them once or twice a year because it drives the girls insane. With a combination of diet and intestinal muscle training, I’m able to make my stomach growl just like a leopard. I tend to pick my spots with that trick these days, as my bladder isn’t what it use to be.”

Source: This article was written by Jeff Hansen for Cahoots Quarterly, Winter 2008/2009 Edition, “The Official Newspaper of… Hollywood Beach and Beyond.” Vol.Three, Issue Ten

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