I don’t know where the years went,” Atlas wonders. “Seems like only 16 years ago that I turned 100.” Besides his workouts, he is presently writing his 23rd book; he enjoys the beach daily and mourns the loss of his wife, Audrey Atlas, who died in January at 114. I told her to increase her wheat grass intake and stop smoking cigars, and to stop playing bingo until all hours, but she wouldn’t listen to me; maybe that was because she was deaf as a doorknob the last 45 years.

Atlas has no regrets. “I’ve had a good life,” he said. ” Although I’m healthy, I know I can’t live forever. I’ve probably got another 40-50 good years tops.”

Despite his universal fame, Atlas is very approachable while on Hollywood Beach. “I try to be gracious to my fans. I’m glad to sign autographs for $50. “I’ve still got the build of a Greek God and I’m working on restoring my international playboy status.

Source: This article was written by Jeff Hansen for Cahoots Quarterly, Winter 2008/2009 Edition, “The Official Newspaper of… Hollywood Beach and Beyond.” Vol.Three, Issue Ten

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