I WANT MY $9,718.49

I have been having pain in my stomach lately and my doctor told me I a have a severe case of I.B.S. No! Not what you think it stands for…it’s Irritable Bailout Syndrome.

War bonnettWhen I read that $126 million dollars of the bailout package is being allocated to rehabilitate alcoholic Indians living on reservations, it aggravated my condition.

Then I read that Obama wants to cut the military budget of $512 million, at least 10% or a $50 million dollar reduction. Like that makes him prudent and sensible!

This bailout thing is starting to smell like rotten eggs.

Yesterday, I learned of a new and interesting plan from CNN Money and there are many people starting to think the idea is brilliant and sure to get the economy rolling again fast:

CNN Money.com
took the total of the bank bailout, $700 billion, and added that to the proposed stimulus spending in the House of Representatives Bill proposing $819 billion. That amounted to a whopping $1.519 TRILLION.

CNN divided that number by 156.3 million people, which was the total number of U.S. income tax filers in 2008.

The resulting total is $9,718.49 and that amount would go to each and every U.S. taxpayer.


Would you rather get a check from the government for $9,718.49 and spend it your way, rather than let the government squander it on drunken Indians? And if so, what would you actually spend it on?

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