By Harvey Tobkes

Today the government took control of GM, so president Obama will henceforth be known as Mr. Goodwrench.

The company formerly best known as General Motors will now be known as Government Motors.

Some of the Obama staff will be helping with the transition. It has been learned that Tim Geithner will be assigned to Oil Change and Tire Rotation, and combative Senator Barney Frank has volunteered to take charge of customer relations.

It was learned that Hillary Clinton is under consideration for the job of Sales Manager. Experts say she has shown remarkable talent in that field; they point out that she sold the people of the great State of New York a bill of goods, so they elected the lady from Arkansas as their senator. Not to even mention the fact that during her campaign to be the democratic nominee, she was very abusive to her opponent Barack Obama, and then when he was elected president, she sold him on making her his secretary of state.

That, my friends, is the type of salesmanship the automobile industry needs.

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