Definiton of FUBAR

FUBAR is an acronym that commonly means “f- – – ed up beyond all repair,” or “f- – – ed up beyond all recognition,” or any of a number of similar constructions. It originated in the United States armed forces, but its usage has spread to colloquial use.

The phrase is sometimes altered by replacing f- – – ed with fouled and repair can be replaced with rehabilitation, redemption, recognition, etc., but the concept is the same regardless of the exact wording.

A FuBar is acually a large hammer type tool used for demolition, it has a hammer head and a hook for bending 2×4’s or 4×6’s, the other end of it is a type of prybar with two nail removers. It is somewhat heavy to swing but extremely effective for construction uses.

FUBAR is also a social networking site located at

FUBARBUNDY (F- – – ed Up Beyond All Recognition, But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet): An unofficial annotation added to patient notes in UK emergency treatment centres, Indicates a slowly deteriorating patient with no chance of survival or recovery.


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