If Little Bo Peep wants to find her sheep and never lose them again she might want to consider investing in a new Israeli technology firm Veterix. The company has developed an electronic capsule that sits in an animal’s stomach to wirelessly report back to the farmer real-time about the health of the herd. It can send messages to a farmer’s cell phone and email, alerting him if animals are distressed, sick, injured or lost.

“Healthy animals mean healthy people,” says Eliav Tahar, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “We have built a system that ensures animals will give better meat and milk.”

Three cows

Better quality meat and milk is certainly a competitive advantage for farmers to think about, but it was the love for animals, says Tahar that compelled him to develop Veterix’s e-capsule. After his dog was injured in a road accident and he couldn’t be at home all day to take care of it, Tahar started thinking. Maybe he could invent a collar which a dog or cat could wear that would allow people to monitor their pets when they were far from home. After meeting with vets and scientists, their brainstorming sessions led Tahar to investigate health-monitoring options for farm animals.

And with Veterix’s e-capsule working effortlessly 24 hours a day inside the herd’s bellies, farmers can sleep soundly knowing they won’t have to wait or worry for the cows to come home.

Source: Israel21c

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