In these tough financial times, you have to make your money any way you can. And if that includes extricating some cash from the recently deposited canine feces, well… okay, that’s a bit gross. But that didn’t stop a man in St. Louis from doing it.

A man working for a company called — no joke — DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal was called to, you guessed it, remove some pet waste. And while going about his tasks, he noticed there was a different kind of mysterious green stuff inside a pile of pooch poop.

It was $58 in cash.

After mulling over what to do, the man ultimately opted to extricate the currency, which he then sanitized and placed into a plastic baggy. Rather than pocket the passed bills, he returned them to the client.

While the money was worse for wear following its trip through the doggy’s digestive system, the serial numbers will still intact, meaning the money could be exchanged for less-soiled bills at a bank.

Hey, at least we now know that cash isn’t going to make your dog sick.


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