So you have a new baby. Will he or she be Apple, Lark, Audio Science, or even 4real? You can call your baby anything nowadays just so long as you don’t plump for boring old John or Mary. The names once given to Irish babies with barely a moment’s thought have fallen out of favor dramatically.


Until relatively recently, most first names came either from the Bible or from Greek, Roman or Germanic traditions; children were called after saints, or failing that other family members or historical heroes.

Now, some parents are as likely to name them after their favorite brand of underwear.

The top three girls’ names are Sarah, Emma and Katie, while Sophie and Emily are also in the top 25. Leah, Mia, and Lauren might once have been considered unusual, but now feature prominently.

For boys: Ash, Beckett, Cruz, Donovan, Elvis, Hudson, Jackson, Jude.

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