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10-25-2009 – Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California.

She traveled 1,800 miles to find it. She knew it was there. And by cracky, in just one morning of panning the creek bed, Janet Gilray had a handful of gold flecks in her hand.

“Woo-hoo!” she screamed. “Gas money!”

There’s a 160-year-old reason California is called the Golden State, and people like Gilray are making that reason fresh again.
A new gold rush is in full gallop all over California.

Driven by the record-high gold prices – $1,270 an ounce on Thrsday, double that of just three years ago – and the lure of easy money, prospectors are flocking to the state’s 1849 Gold Rush fields with pans and sluice boxes.

Some want to beat the punishing recession; some just want a quick buck for fun. Some are with big companies, some are lone folks in sedans.

They all have dollar signs in their eyes.

Nowhere is hopping more than the Sierra stream beds from Sutter Creek to Jamestown, where the original 49ers carved their notch in history – and where Gilray was found with a pan in her hand last week.

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