By Mike Krumbotz

There ‘s rags to riches and then there’s rags to mega-riches. Two brothers from Hungary definitely fall into the second category.
Until recently, Geza and Zslot Peladi lived in a cave near Budapest. Completely destitute, the two cave-brothers earned money by gathering scrap metal and selling candy they found on the street. That all changed the moment they heard that they stood to inherit a substantial portion of their maternal grandmother’s $6.6 billion fortune. (That’s billion, with a “B.”)

Under German law (where the grandmother lived), the brothers (and the sister) “will inherit the entire estate as they are the closest surviving family members.” Once proof of relation to the grandmother is established, they’ll be traveling to Germany to start what we can only presume will be a very different kind of life.

Best of luck, guys.


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