Poop happens. Everyone poops. Everyone secretly analyzes poop. New parents, in particular, become poop experts, using such descriptive terms as mustardy, fluorescent-green, or chocolatety with scattered blue chips. Changing a toddler diaper can be a treasure hunt, with parents finding coins, toys and crayons (the mysterious blue chips). As adults, we are more concerned with stool consistency, hoping to avoid constipation or diarrhea. We fear visible blood in the stools as a sign of cancer, and secretly hope the blood is from an innocent hemorrhoid or a fissure.

We fear black poop (melena) as a potential sign of gastrointestinal hemorrhage, but usually fail to notice that Pepto-Bismol, spinach and iron pills can turn poop black, too. We do not like diarrhea, or other people who have diarrhea. Poop stinks. Poop tops the list of unattractiveness.

Poop in a toilet? Acceptable, assuming it is yours.
Poop in a diaper? Expected and inspected.
Dog poop on your new shoes? Unfortunate.
Poop on someone else’s shoes? Priceless


Source: FamilyWebicine from WebMD

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