I wonder if this ad inspired the plan of the terrorists to take down the World Trade Center Towers by crashing jetliners into the buildings on September 11th, 2001?

Perhaps no commercial image was more eerie than the one displayed above, purportedly a French-language print advertisement for Pakistan International Airlines promoting flight between Paris and New York.

The ad’s stark black-and-white imagery depicting the large shadow of an approaching airliner spread across the two World Trade Center towers is so suggestive of the terrible events of September 11th that many viewers have assumed it to be a post-9/11 fabrication (especially given the connection that Pakistan has regularly been identified as the suspected hiding place of Osama bin Laden).

In fact, PIA had been promoting its New York/Paris and New York/London routes in print media at least as far back as 1972, as shown in a New York magazine advertisement from that year, and the graphic displayed above is indeed a PIA advertisement which has been verified as appearing in [among other publications] the French periodicals Le Expansion and the the March 19th, 1979 issue of the Le Point.


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